International Earth Day #Usk4Earth

International Earth Day #Usk4Earth

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Aktion der Urban Sketchers Bergamo:

We have the chance to take part in a (very) big event related to 2022 International Earth Day, on April 23rd. Official hashtag is #Usk4Earth, make good use of it! 😉
Main theme will be “There is no planet B to draw”.

The event is called ‘Re-evolution’: a series of many events, both in person and digital, taking place between the 22th and 23th of April for International Earth Day’s celebration.
The plan is to create a big, shared ecosystem that can get people to ignite their own (little) personal (r)evolution, to be more active and sensitive towards our planet, and see the world with brand new eyes.

There’s a deep link with Urban Sketchers’s own Manifesto, whose main points include “We show the World, one drawing at a time”.
Outdoor sketching is an incredible way to re-discover and fall in love again with our world, and that’s why I think taking part in this event is an opportunity that Urban Sketchers should not miss. It would be a crying shame!

In addition, taking part in Revolution will give us:
•  Good exposure through social advertising
•  ZeroCo2 will select 10 meaningful artworks and share them on their social channels, with the chance to create an exhibition after the main event
•  Green bonus: for each person joining the event, ZeroCO2 will also plant a tree!

Let’s take part in this, who’s in?

The proposal is to freely design nature and organize their own themed events, April 22nd and 23rd. Participation is free, the ultimate goal is to raise awareness on environmental issues and involve young sketchers using both hashtags.